Jammal Trust Bank: We speak your language and know “chou esmo”

Did you notice the ads on the streets where objects are written in 3 different Arabic words? Although some say it was inspired from HSBC, I like idea of putting the richness or our Arabic vocabulary out there.

The TV advertisements though are another story:

They are  the Lebanese kind of funny but would you really associate them to a bank? In these videos, Jammal Trust Bank is definitely breaking the image of “serious”, “corporate”and all the synonyms you would associate to the word “Bank”.

It’s seems that it’s actually a trend now, banks want to convene a more humane approach; that they are “accessible” to all the population with no distinction and that they are there to “listen”, “communicate”, “understand” etc…

What do you think?

PS: Did anyone notice the number of duplicates for each video on their YouTube channel? Same video uploaded with different titles… What is that all about?


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