sandmoon releases its second album: Home

I had the honor to meet artist Sandra Arslanian a while back at a music event and I appreciated every moment.

I love her art process and how she goes about things. The vocalist and pianist is back with a 2nd album this year called Home. The release concert is scheduled for November 30 at Art Lounge. Don’t miss it!

sandmoon era 2013 is different, as in sound, band members (all except Sandra Arslanian – vocals/piano), design, … The 2nd album, “Home” is the result of a year of songwriting, joys and tribulations. The nine songs are written and composed by Sandra, but the input of every member of the band has incredibly enriched the piano/vocals basic tune. Though sadcore is still at the core of the album, there are some happier, crazier moments that sugarcoat the initial melancholia.

That’s what Home is all about.

The present line-up is made of:

Sandra arslanian – vocals/piano
Maen Rajab – guitar
Gerard Rechdan – drums/percussion
Shushan Artinian – cello
Cesar Aractingi – bass

I saw the music video and it gave me goosebumps. I find Sandra’s voice enchanting.

About the video:

It was directed by young upcoming director Selim Mourad. The idea here was to make a video clip that doesn’t look like a video clip,but more like a short film. The band doesn’t appear, there is dialogue and the feeling is cinematographic.

Selim interpreted the song in his own way as a metaphor of a woman who is in the quest of finding her lost childhood, her “Home”.

About the song:

Home is the first single of sandmoon’s second album. It is also the title of the album.

The song is about finding a place where you can feel at home – especially when you had to leave your country of origin, your surrounding, your ‘people’… Where can you find home elsewhere? Does it feel like home when you’re back?

“The wings of heaven don’t belong here, no one place can feel like home….”

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– Image courtesy of sandmoon

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