Ghadi – Movie Review

I loved every bit of the movie and would highly recommend it. This Lebanese movie of the year is a must watch.

Ghadi is a movie directed by Amin Dory and puts in perspective a lot of Lebanese taboos in a subtle way without being pushy and I believe it is set to win several awards.

The story is about a small traditional neighborhood where Leba (played by Georges Khabbaz) grows up to become a music instructor. Social pressure pushes him to get married to his childhood sweetheart (played by Lara Mattar) a French literature teacher, who is far from adhering to the stereotyped Lebanese wife. (Loved the character)

Joy overwhelms everyone when she gets pregnant with a boy until they discover that the unborn baby will have special needs.

How the family backed with friends will deal with the bigoted neighborhood? Expect something quite creative and a lesson of tolerance 🙂

I loved several of Amin Dora’s frames, angles and transitions during this 95 minutes of comedy/drama.

From stuttering to physical handicap, from racism to homophobia, from physical violence to theft and long established pre-judgement on several other issues like fertility, loneliness etc… this movie is a reflection of the Lebanese society with all the good and the bad.

It’s true that some reactions go a bit overboard, but they remain real (as I happened to see a lot of them happen already; especially in remote villages) .

The movie will be available in cinemas starting October, 31st.

Finally, I only have a few comments:

  • I wish Ghadi was also seen anywhere OUTSIDE his home for several reasons. It is know that a lot of families hide their handicapped kids in shame or give them away to institutions but the movie, Ghadi was the pride of the house, yet sitting next to the window is as public as he gets. For some reason, the idea of never seeing him OUTSIDE bothers me.
  • I wish more about how Ghadi’s mother coped to manage the house was shown. Since no help of any kind was sought; how did she manage? Did she quit on her career and personal development indefinitely? A lot of “superwomen” are struggling with this issue and this topic is always brought forward between women who have kids with special needs.
  • What about Ghadi’s education? How did they go about it? I know a lot of severely handicapped kids and trust me; they can do a lot of things including handcrafts, miscellaneous art etc.. I would have loved to see Leba teaching him a note or two, or the mother sitting next to him while he was drawing or doing something and proudly exhibit his work.

In a supportive initiative for the movie launching, angel wings were hanged on 10 of Beirut’s most beautiful windows and for or every single picture of the wings you tag #LLBforGhadi on Instagram, SGBL will donate $10 to Sesobel.

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