Animal abuse soap opera in Lebanon and the region continues…

We are seeing a lot of animal abuse going on these day in Lebanon and the region.

From a donkey dropped of a cliff in Syria, to Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed’s Coup de Tete exhibition in Qatar to Saudi man named Ahmad el Doussary who skinned a snake live on Arabs Got Talent TV show, to the guy who caught a fox and wanted to skin it alive, to people stealing pets to resell them, to people poisoning, beating, stealing, killing others’ pets…

… the tragic soap opera continued today with Hassan Hajjar uploading a video for Hassan Hammoud torturing his cat by putting him in the microwave.

Local NGOS are literally hammered with a huge number of call outs to put an end to these misdoings. They do what they can with their limited resources; their shelters are overloaded and people still ask for pure breeds to adopt…

There is a major problem here: LAWS. Where are they? What have we come to? Producing sociopaths, psychopaths and every other -paths there are? Thank you politicians!

This is what comedian Nemr Abou Nassar had to say the latest incident:

Ok. So I’m going to remain very sensible here. I have a cat myself, but I’m speaking not as a cat owner, but as a human being. Hassan Hammoud, there is a video going around where you put your cat in a microwave. In it, you are garnering laughs and having a good time. I think that you didn’t do it to harm the cat, I think you did it for entertainment. Here is the thing though, you did harm that cat, a lot, and entertainment at the expense of pain inflicted on anyone or anything is simply wrong. I know you know that Hassan.

The thing is, you’re not alone in this thinking, some, very few, people abuse their animals for fun as well. Now whether or not it is intentional or not, it is animal abuse. And we, Hassan, being at the top of the food chain, have a obligation to look out for those weaker than us.

So as I am sure you are seeing by now the reaction of everyone all over the internet is in horror. In fact, some of your friends on your own Facebook profile are shocked. Well, Hassan, I am reaching out to you not to slam or berate you, I am reaching out to you to make sure that cat is taken care of by someone who has a better understanding of the care of a cat.

You have an opportunity Hassan, right now, to turn this thing around. You literally stand on the edge of becoming the poster boy for all animal abuse, or setting an example of a man who does what is right and can lead by example.

Hassan, call any one of these organizations, and ask them to come see you and take the cat and also teach you how to take better care of the cat. And apologize Hassan, put up a post and apologize. Listen, I read your comments and I see your reaction and it is defensive and aggressive, and I get that, you’re under attack. Do you know who else acts like that? Animals. When you put a cat under attack it becomes defensive and will fight back. The funny thing is, your cat didn’t. It didn’t fight back, it ran to you for protection. You owe it to protect it, from you. Because at the moment you don’t realize the responsibility of taking care of an animal is just as heavy as taking care of a child.

I am not going to post your video because I do not want to put more pressure on you, let me be honest Hassan, a main fear of mine is that you harm the cat more to show that you don’t care and you’re awesome. Hassan let me just say this again, you can come out of this a example setter. Pick up the phone now and call any of these numbers, and apologize and say that this behavior is wrong. For your cat that went to you for protection after you abused it, and all the other pets that undergo abuse, please don’t become one of those people.

Call Animals Lebanon on 01-751 678


Beta on 70-248 765

Hassan I’m counting on you to do the right thing. And do it now so that you turn this tidal wave against you into something positive. You have that power.

I would appreciate if the comments to this status echo the same sentiment so that when Hassan reads this, he realizes what he has to do. Thank you.

Hassan Hammoud and Mohammad Jallad got noticed… a lot of other abusers do not. This sad case got highlighted today… many others will not. The media will talk about this and the NGOs will release statements tonight.

Nevertheless, legislation needs to be enacted for animal abuse as well as for several other multiple abuses and causes.

We are so falling behind and wasting time… Lebanon, where are you?

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