Lindberg: The Danish but special eyewear

A while ago I received this invitation:

I’ve been wearing glasses as long as I remember and love design, so I thought why not check what Lindberg was about since I was not familiar with the brand yet.

So I went to Visique Naccache where I was received by the shop’s optometrists and Mr. Gunter Wätchler, Lindberg’s Africa, India & Middle East Sales Manager.

Mr. Wätchler took the time to explain everything to me. I was amazed by one big major fact:

  • Lindberg’s frames have no screws, rivets nor welds and they are entirely customizable

Lindberg is a Danish family business based in Aarhus, directed by architect Henrik Lindberg. The workshop was founded 28 years ago by his father to whom came the idea of Air Titanium revolutionizing the international market for eyewear. It was a unique product that had not been available before in shape and form. The company has been awarded with 62 of the most prestigious design prizes in the world and was featured in the Financial Times.

Above all, they have never used a single screw in any of their glasses!

So, after trying on several models, I ended up picking a version of this one:

I patiently waited for a month to get my pair in this genius hard case:

Discreet, space saver Lindberg hard case

I tested them for a couple of weeks:

Posing like a Danish model is definitely not for me :p

I tested the customization as well:

My name on the frame!

 There are many things I like about these frames:

  • They are really light on the face and the nose.
  • The design is very simple, streamline yet modern. Branding is very discreet, engraved on the inside. No in-your-face logo or brand showing anywhere.
  • The technical innovation is quite something. Makes one look at the details of the frame and wonder how it was done.
  • Frame is flexible and tough at the same time. (A friend accidentally sat on it)

I bet that Prince Henrik of Denmark, Queen Elizabeth II, Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani, Robert De Niro, Roberto Cavalli, just to name a few customers, would agree with me 🙂

For more information about Lindberg, you can visit their Website.
For more information about Visique, you can check their Facebook Page.

3 thoughts on “Lindberg: The Danish but special eyewear

  1. Rita, your title “Danish BUT special” is misleading, the Danish have been very known for their sense of design (Arne Jacobsen is the first name that comes to my mind), and YES Lindberg are extremely stylish in the same way the Danish design school is known for (simple modernistic and practical). So the title should be “Danish AND special”.

    • I very much appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading. I actually love Danish design. The title was meant as a teaser and besides I took from their own magazine 🙂

      • Their magazine? ooops! When the Guggenheim museum was being renovated, the new cafeteria was considering Danish design cutelry, when the Danish embassy hear of it they OFFERED them everything!! Lovely post. Lovely glasses. Lovely girl (ahem!)….

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