The shopping frenzy effect of Aldo’s Happy Hour

There were some images circulating on social media showing that Aldo closed the store in order to control the crowd after it’s “Happy Hour” created a frenzy.

Check this out:

This was on the outside…

while this was on the inside…

So management decided to close, in order to manage the crowd.

Some have said it was rude and unprofessional, but if you have a look on the inside of the store, this is what you will see:

What would you have done differently?

One thought on “The shopping frenzy effect of Aldo’s Happy Hour

  1. So you asked what could have been done differently ..

    I am sure there are several ways in my opinion to avoid this mess. Some ideas:

    1) do it on a weekday.
    2) Instead of closing the doors, give people turns in a systematic manner.
    3) a cool way would have been SELLING access to the discount! Only people with tickets can get in, and limited number of tickets could have gone on sale weeks before the discount. This could have created some nice buzz for them.

    The conspiracy theorist in me cant but wonder: What if the crowd isn’t real .. people are more likely to visit a place if it is crowded. What if Aldo hired extras to fake a crowd and attract real people 😀

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