Appetito Trattoria: An authentic taste of Italy in the heart of Hamra, Beirut

Appetito Trattoria is a cozy rustic Italian restaurant with an outdoor space on Mahatma Ghandhi street in Hamra. The wooden decor makes it very homey.

The restaurants offers popular Italian dishes as well as specials. Here is what I tried:

From the Antipasti section, the Cannelloni di Melanzane. This dish is made of eggplants rolls filled with goat cheese, ricotta cheese, mint, rocca, cherry tomatoes, basil sauce.

The eggplant rolls are heavenly, the OMG-cheese person in me was in heaven.

Cannelloni di Melanzane

Then, from the Insalata section I had a dish with weird ingredients, Insalata di Rape Rosse Con Fromaggio Caprino which contains roasted red beets served warm, rocca, pistachio crusted goat cheese, orange-pistachio vinaigrette, and looks like this:

Insalata di Rape Rosse Con Fromaggio Caprino

This dish put my palate in discovery mode. I enjoyed the sweet note and the cheese.

Following with a Fromaggio pizza from the Pizza “Wood” section, I indulged myself with even more cheese. Aaaah!!! Now this edible with your eyes and your nose. Taleggio, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan… Yumm!


Next to pizza, I tried a peculiar dish from the Primi Piatti section, the Crispolini. I’ve never seen this one anywhere else. It’s made of rolled crepes, spinach with ricotta cheese, parmesan and cream sauce. It tastes really good!


I also tried the Linguini Frutti di Mare made of linguini, mussels, shrimp, calamari, garlic, cherry tomatoes, pinch of hot peppers and tomato sauce. This one was my least favorite dish.

Linguini Frutti di Mare

And finally, Dolce! A homemade Tiramisu made with free-range eggs, mascarpone and espresso.


All in all, I enjoyed my time at Appetito Trattoria. The waiters were pleasant and the service really fast.

I just think a little effort can be made concerning oil and bread.

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