Where to get a feminine short / pixie haircut in Lebanon?

It’s not a secret that finding hairdressers who can handle feminine short haircuts are rare. Actually, a pixie haircut requires more work than any other kind of cuts because the hairdresser actually needs to “sculpt” bit by bit in order to achieve the desired effect. ( A hairdresser in a male salon won’t do; you will end with a boyish face)

It’s a lovely feminine style that shows character but the experts are hard to find. Lebanese hairdressers are more used to work on oriental long hair which means less cutting and more brushing!

A “pixie expert” will have to study the morphology of the face and the texture of the hair before deciding which short hairstyle can be achieved.

This is a list made based on the recommendations of people who actually have short hairstyles and have looked for “THE” hairdresser in their area:

  • Kan Paris – Ashrafieh – 01 328 666
  • Younes Eid – Downtown, Starco Center – 03 811 219
  • Dessange – Ashrafieh, Furn Al Hayek – 03 300 555
  • Georges Geagea – Ashrafieh, Sassine Square – 01 215 922
  • Wissam Awada – Hamra, Facing Costa Coffee – 03 204 866
El Metn
  • Vatche Mikel – Elyssar – 03 605 543
  •  Wissam Yehya at Salon Beauty Zone – Elyssar – 04 911 738
  • Gilbert Attalah at Salon Fadia El Mendelek – Jal El Dib – 70 436 166
  • Georges El Mendelek at Salon Simon El Mendelek – Zalka, Amaret Chalhoub – 01 896 669
  • Emil – Jounieh, behind Habana Pub – 03 618 808

Feel free to add to the list if you know someone worthy recommending

7 thoughts on “Where to get a feminine short / pixie haircut in Lebanon?

  1. Very interesting article, Rita. Just one thing though, Wissam Awada destroyed my hair the first time I wanted to get them short. That was around 3 years ago. I stayed several days without going out until I got it fixed with Simon el Mendelek. I only go there since then, even though the other hairdressers working with him don’t know how to get my hair fixed whenever Simon cuts it.
    I am well aware that some people only swear by Wissam, but that’s just my personal experience.

  2. I had my pixie haircut done at Wissam Awada today and I highly recommend him. It is true that I have often had short hair, but very few of them resulted in a WOW effect like today!

  3. Hi! I really want to cut my hair short and I don’t know where to have it done…I’ve never had my hair cut short before. I need someone who actually knows what he’s doing..and to be reassured it would suit me, any recommendations? Thanks!

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