Ghadi, the movie, suffers from piracy in Lebanon

How disgusting could it get? “Ghadi“, the movie is suffering from piracy in its own country.

Is that how local production is supported? I mean, it’s still showing in the movies! Way to go. In any case the copy is so lousy and it’s not even worth spending your LBP 1000 on it.

If you want to do the right thing, support an industry that already suffers to find proper funding, head to the cinemas and get the real experience.

This is what the company had to say about this:

“That the Lebanese film ” Ghadi ” which is now showing in Lebanese cinemas with unprecedented success ( 65 000 spectators in only one month) is now being illegally sold on pirated CDs in the market. This is a clear act of piracy; the perpetrators of this act and sellers of the film will be prosecuted legally and will be subject to severe fines .

We would also like to inform the public that the quality of the pirated copy is extremely poor; the story is incomplete and and different from the original one.

The film ” Ghadi ” by director Amin Dora, written by and starring George Khabbaz is the intellectual property of the company “The Talkies” and is still showing in the Lebanese cinemas. We ask the public to encourage and protect National cinema production and watch ” Ghadi ” in the cinemas .

The management of the production company The Talkies”

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Here is LBCI’s report on this issue:

For more information about Ghadi, you can:
– Check the FB page
– Follow the movie’s Twitter account
– Stream the photos on Instragram

2 thoughts on “Ghadi, the movie, suffers from piracy in Lebanon

  1. I’d like to start off by saying that I am against pirated movies.

    But it’s a little biased of you to write a blog post just because Ghadi is being pirated. Pirating movies, in general, is disgusting.

    • It’s not “just because” and I agree that pirating, in general, is disgusting. But in this case, the movie is a local production that is still playing in cinemas and there was an official statement released. I would have done the same for any other production that found itself aggrieved and wishes to voice it out. This case was highlighted in the news and I think it’s an opportunity to re-open the piracy issue in Lebanon and do something about it.

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