Most tragic selfie of 2013 must have come from Lebanon – RIP Mohammad Chaar!

I am at loss for words. What can one say in front of that scene that keeps repeating itself for years and years?

A lady was on her way in a cab to the restaurant where she works at in Beirut Souks, another went ahead of her neighbor with plans, a lot of employees were going about their jobs in the surrounding companies and a group of teenagers were enjoying themselves before a rigged car exploded. The target was former Finance Minister and Saad Hariri’s advisor Mohamad Chatah who was tweeting from his iPad… his bodyguard, Tarek Bader also perished with him. Kevork Takajian, Mohammad Nasser Mansour, Syrian national Saddam Al Khanshoury who happened to be on the street also died. RIP. Thoughts for yet additional families who lost a member of their own.

Here is a screenshot of Mohamad Chatah’s latest tweets.

Chatah would also express himself on his own blog as highlighted by

Before the blast, a group of innocent young teenagers happened to be there, enjoying themselves as depicted by the selfie they took. Soon after that, as said by Omar Bekdash to LBCI, Mohammad El Chaar asked for a picture… and the explosion took off.

All the teenagers, Mohammad El Chaar, Omar Bekdash, Rabih Youssef and Ahmad Moghrabi have been wounded; only Mohammad’s situation was critical and is now stable according to his close friends.

It could have been anyone. Aggressive dynamics continue to ruin peoples’ lives.

Prayers to Mohammad El Chaar, a 16 year old Lebanese young man whose one of the hobbies is swimming competitively. Prayers to his family and his friends who have to go through this unspeakable tragedy. Mohammad, we are all waiting for you. #PrayForMohammadChaar

Prayers to all those wounded severely and hanging on to life.

Why do “messages” have to be sealed with blood like this? When is this going to end?

Update: Mohammad is no longer of this world. We did not deserve him in this heartless, brutal, aggressive, fucked up world.





10 thoughts on “Most tragic selfie of 2013 must have come from Lebanon – RIP Mohammad Chaar!

  1. Allah yerhamak mhamad w yej3al mathwek l janna ya chahid ya mazloum jadadtele 7ezne 3a 5aye mhamad safa 3ariss w 3ando lynn 4 years w joulia 1 year chahid metlak bi infijar rwess howe w reje3 min lba7er 3ala bayto 3end 3aylto bass ma la7a2 allah ye7ro2 albon hal koffar metel ma 7ara2o 2loubna al fati7a

  2. May you rest in peace its a shame that young people are dying in seconds begore they even lived and accomplished their dreams in this life .mohamad is the first person i prayed for when i saw him laying on the street 🙁 so sad

  3. I don’t know you and I’ve been crying for you after seeing your funeral on the news today and after reading this article.. this world is unfair and cruel and no one has the right to take your life..
    I can’t imagine what your family must be going through.. my thoughts and prayers are with you all..
    may your soul rest in peace mohammad, we did not deserve him in this heartless, brutal, aggressive, fucked up world, INDEED.

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