Mismatch – A take on Lebanon’s new cabinet

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The cabinet was finally announced today after 10 months of trial. I wanted to know more about the ministers and their education so I put together this list. Quite a saddening list in fact.

  • Minister of Public Works and Transportation: A lawyer
  • Minister of Finance: A business administration graduate
  • Minister of Parliamentary Affairs: A mathematics and political science graduate
  • Minister of Industry: A chemistry and physics graduate
  • Minister of Energy and Water: A “Nasij” engineer
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: A civil engineer
  • Minister of Education: An international relations graduate
  • Minister of Culture: A lawyer
  • Minister of Telecommunication: A lawyer
  • Minister of Tourism: A business administration and finance graduate
  • Minister of Interior: A political science graduate
  • Minister of State for Administrative Reform: A business administration graduate
  • Minister of Social Affairs: A lawyer
  • Minister of Justice: A social sciences graduate
  • Minister of Labor: A political science and business administration graduate
  • Minister of Economy:  A business administration graduate
  • Deputy Minister and Minister of Defense: A civil engineer
  • Minister of Environment: A political science, media and business administration graduate
  • Minister of Information: A lawyer
  • Minister of Displaced: A judge
  • Minister of Public Health: A business administration graduate
  • Minister of Agriculture: A literature and history graduate
  • Minister of Treasury: A lawyer
  • Minister of Youth & Sports: 

I can’t but notice the mismatch and relate it to Lebanon’s current state. When are we going to wake up and change?

So I did some further research and here is what I found:

  • Google’s CEO? A computer engineer
  • Microsoft’s CEO? An electrical engineer
  • Facebook’s CEO? A computer programmer
  • Apple’s CEO? An industrial engineer
  • General Motors’ CEO? An electrical engineer

What do all these companies have in common? They are all SUCCESSFUL and their CEOs’ education matches the job.

 In the hope that we wake up and change one day.

4 thoughts on “Mismatch – A take on Lebanon’s new cabinet

  1. I don’t think education has anything to do it to be honest. At their age experience plays a much larger role. It’s just about having the right person for the job.

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