The Coolcumbers in 5 questions

The Coolcumbers is an alternative rock band from Beirut. Over the years, they have found their way in the Lebanese rock scene with alternative rock and indie music. This will be the release of their very first album entitled “Time & Youth”.

“Time & Youth” is a concept album basically about youth and what we have been through together as a band. It was recorded and mixed in Beirut Lebanon, mastered in Portugal and replicated in Taiwan.

I got the chance to listen to it and meet some members of the band, I think their work is promising! I love their sound!

What’s the first Alternative Rock album you got? Why?

Enzo: I can’t remember the first Alt Rock album I bought but I do remember listening to Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon for the first time on the radio. Since I already was a Jazz enthusiast, this music intrigued me and I started to listen to it more and more.
Dany: I think mine was Linkin Park’s Meteora. 1st band I’ve ever been introduced to.
Samy: Creed’s greatest hits. I think their violent verse/chorus transitions and arpeggios affected our songs.
Ralph: I think the first Alternative Rock album I got was “By The Way” of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. RHCP were one of my first influences in Alternative Rock. I can remember spending a lot of time watching the DVD of their huge concert at Slane Castle in 2003.
Gio: I think it was Freaky Styley- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Thierry: “Black Holes and Revelation – Muse”. Muse is the definition of my childhood music taste. It’s by far the most played artist in my iTunes library.

What’s your next best activity besides music?

Probably eating at Gio’s

If your instrument could talk, what secret would it share with us?

Dany: “Please stop beating the living shit out of me.”
Samy: “That was offscale man wtf”
Gio: “Gio keeps cheating on me with other instruments”
Ralph: “I’ll always be there for you”
Enzo: If my mic could talk, it would tell you how sweaty I get on stage… and if my guitar could talk it would ask me to stop playing it in the middle of the night!
Thierry:  “My owner is the best musician in the world.”

 Who is your favorite artist outside the music industry? 

Samy: Edward Norton in “American History X”
Gio: Shane Koyczan- To this day, I like his beard
Dany: Probably Leonardo DeCaprio in ALL of his movies.
Ralph: I cannot think of one single person to be my all-time favorite artist outside the music industry, this is too hard as there are too many. But If I had to pick an actor, I’d choose Owen Wilson. I love his epic role as “Hutch” in “Starsky and Hutch”
Enzo: Shepard Fairey is for me one of the most influential artists of our generation. This may be cliché but his “OBEY” campaign is beautifully done. This piece is a great example of what he does: I think people will understand what I like in his work, the print speaks for itself!
Thierry: A Dan Brown book with some classical music would be a perfect combination for me. And no, it’s not wrong for a rock musician.

What is your advice to parents who are afraid from their children taking music too seriously and thinking of making a career out of it in Lebanon?

It’s really hard for a rock band like us to make a career out of it in Lebanon. But it’s okay to dream big and try to make it outside the local scene. Parents should be the first supporters pushing their children to go after what they love.

Let your child live his passion because no matter what he does, if he loves it he’s going to get somewhere! Trust your kids to do the right choice and if they fail… well it’s not your fault it’s just because they didn’t try hard enough!

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