Ordering food online: foodonclick.com vs hellofood.com

I tested two online services today: www.foodonclick.com and hellofood.com

It was my first experience with both of them. This is my personal feedback:


To use this service, one needs to create an account and fill some information. Then according to the location, a list of restaurants is suggested with details of their conditions and whether they are open or not.

I ordered from a restaurant I never tried before at 11:00 am  and since I got to choose the time you want to be delivered, I indicated 12:15 pm.

Soon after, I received an e-mail confirmation. At 11:15 am, I got a call from Turkey double confirming the order and got delivered at 11:50 am. Kind of earlier than I wished but it was OK.

I logged back in on the website and gave my feedback. They replied to me immediately. I appreciated the promptness: They are really fast and there are no hidden costs.

The only downside I found was that I was not asked whether the delivery person should bring change nor for which amount. This additional box would have save me from the awkward moment when I handed a LBP 20,000 to the delivery person who got embarrassed because he had no change.

I will not talk about the delivery person nor the food of the restaurant I ordered from in this post because my aim is the online service.


The order process is similar to the one above.

I ordered food at 11:27 am. It was to be delivered in 35 minutes. On the website, I was asked if I wanted change and indicated the related amount. I did not get any e-mail confirmation.

At 11:58 am, I got an e-mail saying that they tried to call me to confirm my order but the number I added on my account was wrong. So I double checked it: It was correct. They e-mailed back saying that they tried again but a guy answered not me. I was puzzled. What did they dial?

Then finally, I gave them the number with +961 and it worked although it was clear I was from Lebanon as the code automatically showed… they were trying to call me from Jordan.

The lady on the phone apologized. It was 1:25 pm already. She said that the food would in 35 minutes… it never did. I sent an e-mail at 2:35 pm and at 3:20 pm.

No answer, no reply, no food.

I logged back to check my account but noticed that my order was simply deleted. Later during the day I called them on their Lebanese number in order to complain. Ahmad picked up the phone, he acknowledged the problem and told me that it will be dealt with.

I must highlight that Ahmad was more than perfect over the phone: 200% professionalism throughout the call.

For starters, the order should not have been canceled. There should have been a way to indicate that, like in my case, it failed. Communication issues with the restaurants may happen. As a customer, I expected to be notified that there was an issue and be given alternatives; like the choice to order from another restaurant that delivers to my location instead of waiting indefinitely: I was there wondering if I should wait or place an order with another restaurant. But what if the delivery person came meanwhile?


I think that both services are worth trying. I hope that both of them enlarge their list of restaurants to get food delivered all over Lebanon.

I really admired the speed of service with foodonlick.com and the superior customer service of Ahmad who convinced me to give hellofood.com another try.

Visit the Lebanese pages:
– http://www.lebanon.hellofood.com/

2 thoughts on “Ordering food online: foodonclick.com vs hellofood.com

  1. I placed my first ever order with you at 13.19 but I got a call from your agent to confirm my first order only after 11 minutes at 13.40. He told me that the order will be delivered as soon as possible but the KFC on your website said that it would take a maximum of 60 minutes.
    Right now it is 15:05 and I am still waiting for the delivery. This is the first and the last time I will order from your website. And I will definitely make sure to address the same to my colleagues and provide this feedback wherever possible.

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