Customers vs Companies: The Gandour & Diet Delights cases

Here we go again, customers purchase products from companies; something goes wrong. No one claims responsibility neither for the incident, neither for their products. Customers are unhappy and BOOM: Clashes. It goes on TV or on social media causing turmoil.

This happens ALL the time; worst companies even file lawsuits against customers.

Let me start by saying that I already had my own share of similar incidents with numerous companies and each have dealt with it in a different way.

If both customers and companies want to be victims, nothing will ever be solved and there is nothing more disturbing than a company that immediately claims that someone wants to ruin its reputation then start showing ISO certificates.

Companies are committing social media suicide by deleting peoples’ comments and being aggressive against whom? Their own customers! Companies who understand social media have clear plans to absorb such things.

I’m not going to buy any Gandour product anymore; not because of the nail John Kairouz found in the Tarboosh he bought, but because this lawsuit shows that Gandour doesn’t care about sales and it says: “We don’t need you – customers”. Too bad, I was a UNICA fan.

Also, I do not support Kairouz nor anyone else if they are trying to use that to propose some company’s services: that’s opportunistic.

Apparently, Gandour used a Facebook bug to build its case with the time gap they said they found on Kairouz’s Facebook profile via the mobile application. Great, then please explain how I had lunch at work at 3:50 am, for example. Good thing I have witnesses!

According to the concerned companies, there is no way metal could have made it through their production machines, made an internal investigation and reverted back to their clients. Awesome. They could have invited them to see how metal is detected in the factory while they were at it.

Did Gandour check the establishment where the product was bought? Did anyone think of those people who go in the supermarket, for example, glue gum on products, eat while shopping without paying and do all sorts of things just because they can?

I once went in a well known sweets shop and asked to use their washroom. I was surprised that the sweets were on my way uncovered and accessible. I could have spitted on them or done something even worse… and you would have never known.

How does one stop that and whose responsibility is it really?

Diet Delights opened its doors for investigation and Délifrance said it was ready to cooperate as well. Did they both go through potential mistakes that could have happened during transportation and while handing the half cooked dough etc.? Instead of pointing fingers and calling each other names they could have cooperated together to see where that nail really came from. Jocelyne, the lady who ate the sandwich and found a nail in it did not hand the nail to Diet Delights for obvious reasons: it’s the only proof she has got. But did they suggest a way of protecting her instead of scaring her?

Why don’t the Consumer Protection Services educate the public on the procedure to adopt when things like that happen besides calling and waiting for an eventual reply.

Enough already!!

Dear corporations, it’s called “Customer Care or Service” because YOU need customers for your business to thrive. You are also made of people and people make mistakes, some of them are even plain evil. When will you start thinking, learning and improving your processes? If you can prove that nothing went wrong at your end, why are you so defensive? When will you start to make a difference and propose alternatives?

Who really protects the consumers in Lebanon? Why do we feel that there is nothing that is taken seriously?

No food company wants to see a nail in its products and no customer want to eat one. Let’s get that straight.

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One thought on “Customers vs Companies: The Gandour & Diet Delights cases

  1. I reckon they are distinguishing themselves by NOT being mainstream. Customer is always right OR be nice to them; they pay our salaries do not apply to some corporations!

    ENOUGH already indeed. This is evident everywhere 🙁

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