10 reasons why the recruiter disregarded your CV

There are many reasons why a recruiter may end up disregarding your CV. Here are the most common 10 reasons:

  1. The photo on your CV is a selfie with a duckface in a car or a nightclub: Yeah, very professional of you.
  2. You are lying: Professional recruiters are trained to find those inconsistencies; good luck with that.
  3. You applied to 5 totally different job vacancies in the same company: Err, where exactly do you think you fit?
  4. You applied to a job where you clearly don’t have the required qualifications: When a company did not advertise the job you are looking for, send your CV by email with a motivational note instead of applying to the wrong job and burning your chances to be considered later on.
  5. Your CV is 8 pages long: Recruiters have thousands of CVs to read per day and they will not spend more than 10 seconds on yours so write smart. Stick to one page, 2 if you have +15 years experience.
  6. Your CV is not written in English: English has become a basic entry requirement. Keep practicing!
  7. You dismissed critical information: No one is going to call to ask which university you attended, how long you worked in a company and what exactly were your responsibilities. Make sure it is all there.
  8. You sent your CV by mail 5 times, by hand 4 times and already called 3 times: A bad impression won’t get you anywhere. When there is a vacancy and a green light for the budget, interviews will take place. You will miss your chance with this approach. (Not talking about pistons)
  9. Your CV is full of typos: For the millionth time; spell check and get other people to read it! A CV full of typos says that you probably can’t even write a proper e-mail.
  10. You sent your CV to 19 other companies in the same email (obvious in the TO) or the company was in BCC: Please take the time to send a personalized e-mail to each company showing that you actually made an effort to show genuine interest.


3 thoughts on “10 reasons why the recruiter disregarded your CV

  1. Love the list! Each and every item on it happened at least once in the past year. One golden rule I would add: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, WHATSAPP THE RECRUITER!

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