A weekend with the LG G3

It was announced to me that I’d be part of a special event organized by LG in order to launch their new smartphone.

The weekend included a wide range of exciting activities where we had the opportunity to test the new device and give our feedback.


Speaking from a regular user point of view, I found the LG G3 to be a very good phone.

– Selfie at low light? It’s possible! The camera is impressive, It has voice and hand gesture command to capture the image; I loved using it.
– 70% battery life left after 12 hours? It’s possible! Battery independence is important when there is seldom any electricity in the country.
– Want to change the display of the buttons and their colors? It’s possible! You can also customize almost anything.
– One-handed operation, dual window and guest mode? All available! Practical at every level the phone is a joy to use.

The phone is packed with a lot of features like Quad HD display, OIS+ Camera, Knock Code, Wireless charging etc… making it currently the most practical Android phone to use!

What’s you favorite feature?

For more information, you can:
– Check the Website
– Check the Facebook Page
– Follow them on Twitter

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