The story behind the pie!

The wait is over! The story behind the pie is revealed, it’s all about our hero Ghassan. A 5 year old cancer survivor whose dream was to star in an action movie and pie someone in the face!

#TheTalkies teamed up with the beautiful people of #Tamanna and #HorizonFCB to make this wish come true! You can call it the Ghadi effect!

Watch “The Bad and The Brave” starring: Detective Ghassan, Georges Khabbaz, Adel Karam, Naim Halawi, Aline Lahoud and Chef Richard. #PieForTamanna

Seriously, what an awesome initiative! Get well Ghassan!

One thought on “The story behind the pie!

  1. Thanks to every1 involved in making this video and thank u for sharing this with us.

    Allah yshafeek ya Ghassan, ya Rab.
    ya hero inta

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