Bloggers on Billboards!

Bloggers’ face from blogs Ivy Says, NoGarlicNoOnions and Let’s tlk abt movies are on Beirut City Centre billboard ads. Quite a pretty change for once!

What was your impression?

Photos shared from Lebanese Blogs Facebook post and courtesy of the bloggers.

4 thoughts on “Bloggers on Billboards!

  1. Frankly, for us as bloggers it is super, but the general populace – they have no clue who these people are!

  2. It’s interesting but what does it say about the bloggers’ credibility ?

    Basically they got paid to appear on billboards alongside a nonsense quote that was probably not theirs
    How do we know where they draw the line? Especially that lots of bloggers do not disclose if their reviews are endorsed or “sponsored ” in a way or another


    it might be no more than it appears to be just another regular ad

    Both assumptions are plausible

    PS i know i’m late to the party but I’ve just discovered your blog and this topic is interesting

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