3a Tari2 El Janneh – Play Review

Three friends, Christina (Played by Lara Rain), Myrima (Played by Marwa Khalil) and Maya (Played by Tania Assi)  from different religious sects. One car crash. One place left in heaven. Who will make it? In a trip like no other, we will get to accompany the ladies on their road to heaven.

Written by Sandra Khawam and Marwa Khalil, produced by Marwa Khalil, 3a Tari2 El Janneh is an emotional roller coaster.

Exploring  different subjects like life after death, fear of death, anxiety, materialism vs spiritualism and how different religious sects perceive one another, questions everyone asks are highlighted. Will they be missed? Will they be replace? Will they be remembered? Questions that seem to unite them.

A lot of moments of separation, difference and unity are brought together with realism. It’s a beautiful and vivid dark comedy.

I absolutely loved how Chadi Zein directed the play. The actors and actresses use every single corner of the stage (Up and down too!!) in a remarkable way that immerses the audience.

Lara Rain, Marwa Khalil and Tania Assi are talented ladies who know their craft. Well done! And Kudos for a seamless teamwork on stage! The superficiality of Christina is laughable but her lost love makes one empathetic, Myriam’s confusion between Shia and Sunni as well as her views on marriage vs  a career are the reality for many people which oppose Maya’s little perfect family life. These 3 friends are also a reflection of a big part of our society. It seemed to me like they could also portray stages of a woman’s life.

Spoken language: Informal Lebanese. The play will run until 17th June at Monnot Theater. Tickets can be bought from Librairie Antoine. For more information & reservation, call: 01-278078

Performers: Shireen Khaled, Pinella Nehme, Carlos Saroufim, Cyril Koukoutsaki, Rayan Abi Faraj, Elie Houkayem, Dina Kayali

Performers: Naya Salame, Pinella Nehme, Carlos Saroufim, Cyril Koukoutsaki, Rayan Abi Faraj, Elie
Houkayem, Maya Dehni

Produced by: Marwa Khalil
Written by: Sandra Khawam & Marwa Khalil
Direction, choreography, Stage Design, & Artistic Direction: Chadi El Zein

Costume Design: atelierG by grace rihan
Decoration & Set Construction: HHD Henry Dakak Jr. Creations
Music composition & Sound Design: Scarlett Saad & Lama Sawaya
Sound operator: Ali Moughnieh
Light design: Hagop Derghougassian
Light operator: Rayan Nihawi

Consultant for marketing campaign & Communication Design: Nathalie Masri, Operation Unicorn
Photography: Lara Zankoul
Executive Producers: Aya Hisham Nabulsi & Farah Naboulsi
Production Manager: Yara Yuri Safadi
Stage Manager: Nour Ahmad and Myriam Atallah
Production Assistant: May Farran
Marketing and Communication Director: Lara Kanso, O De Rose
Virtual Communication: Assaad Thebian

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