Paragliding in Lebanon

Earlier this month, it was my mother’s birthday and I asked her to list a few things she never go to do. Her top of mind was paragliding! An activity that I did not try yet myself. So, I started researching about the topic as I had a lot of questions about safety and it was important for me to find certified people who had several years of experience.

I sent several messages to different companies. The one with whom I immediately felt comfortable was Elie Moussa from Exit To Nature. His approach was really nice and he took the time to explain everything from A to Z as well as to answer all my questions.

We agreed on a date and Elie said he’d confirm when he’s 100% sure the weather was good to fly: ZERO risk policy. When we arrived to the meeting place, Elie and the team drove us up to the flying spot where everything was set.

He explained the technical details and they took off. My mother experienced paragliding for the first time in her life. Mid-air, Elie offered her a cupcake and wished her happy birthday. 15 minutes later she landed. Mom had the time of her life! The following day, we picked up our souvenir DVD which included photos and videos in HD.

Personally, I enjoyed the experience with Exit To Nature from beginning to end and would totally recommend it to anyone and I will definitely try it myself. Thank you!

Below is the list of companies I found with whom you can go paragliding. Each has it’s own package but in general prices vary between $120 and $150.

Do you know more? Did you try any? How was it? Share your feedback!

(In alphabetical order)

One thought on “Paragliding in Lebanon

  1. Happy birthday to your mom. l 3omor kolloh ya Rab

    I do not think I would dare to do such a thing, I am a scaredy cat to be honest 😛

    Thanks for sharing this with us. The pics r awesome, my fav is the 1st one.

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