10 Stupid things not to forget before a job interview

Before going to a job interview, candidates need to remember 7 stupid things: 1. Check the company’s website The least you can do you when you go to a job interview is Continue Reading →

10 reasons why the recruiter disregarded your CV

There are many reasons why a recruiter may end up disregarding your CV. Here are the most common 10 reasons: The photo on your CV is a selfie with a Continue Reading →

Recruitment cancer in Lebanon: 20 reasons why you might not get the job

Every now and then we have stories like that (thank you to @ghazayel for sharing it): and people get offended. Every now and then we have stories like that: and people Continue Reading →

5 questions to Jade Saab, the director and co-founder of Achieve

Achieve is a new online job platform aimed at providing a simple and intuitive approach for job seekers to accurately find jobs, acquire information on the job market, and find guidance Continue Reading →

50 things not to write on your CV and 10 things not to do

Your CV has less than 10 seconds to make an impression. It’s purpose is to get you that interview meeting where you can tell the employer more about yourself and Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day: Working in a box or two

For a lot of restaurants owners, the main concern is how they look on the outside and how to get as many customers as possible whereas the employees’s main concern Continue Reading →

When HR (Human Resources) goes online

When people look for a job they have several options online: Job boards or companies’ website. When it comes to job boards there is a whole list of links one Continue Reading →

Quick overview of recruitment issues and organization size

HR is “the professional discipline and business function that oversees an organization’s human resources” (Definition: Wikipedia) and this entails endeavors of epic proportions – No, I’m not exaggerating but that’s not the Continue Reading →

An HR magazine for the Middle East

There is a new HR magazine for the Middle East: The HR Review. And it was about time! We are nothing like any place in the world when it comes Continue Reading →

50 reasons not to date a Human Resources (HR) person

They talk to you as their “employer”. They want your CV and references before you even start talking to them. They want to know “who sent you” and how you Continue Reading →