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Mismatch – A take on Lebanon...

Mismatch – A take on Lebanon’s new cabinet
Post by anonymous. The cabinet was finally announced today after 10 months of trial. I wanted to know more about the ministers and their education so I put together this list. Quite a saddening list in fact. Minister of Public Works and Transportation: A lawyer Minister of Finance: A business administration graduate Minister of Parliamentar [...]

Wars stories or: how you can’t shoot ...

Wars stories or: how you can’t shoot what you hate
Wars stories or: how you can’t shoot what you hate is a post by Fadi BouKaram I’ve been shooting Street Photography for two and a half years now. Until a few months ago it was a relatively easy path. It was easy simply because it was fun. The learning curve was steep; it still is. There was a lot to learn; there’s more even still. But none of [...]

Crawling Back to Life: What Made Me O...

Crawling Back to Life: What Made Me Overcome Depression
This guest post is written by Ryan Rivera. A life spent depressed is a wasted life. This holds more true to me who went through depression. How many special occasions have I missed? I’ve lost good friends because of my refusal to socialize. They understand what I’m going through, yes, but they can only be there for me as long as I [...]

Mirror mirror on the wall, you are no...

Mirror mirror on the wall, you are not scary at all
Mirror mirror on the wall, you are not scary at all is a post by Maya. Listen my friend, my comrade, my companion through this journey, you are beautiful. We are beautiful; we all are, despite the capitalist, fascist, patriarchal beauty standards that we are bombarded with everyday. I am not writing this for you, or for me, I am writing it b [...]

[Myth of] The Inefficiency in the Leb...

Post by Rani Al Achkar It is almost a “known fact” that our public sector is inefficient (not to say corrupt) to a point that we have always needed a middleman to carry out our administrative tasks. I have always been doing my own stuff myself and have been proving this theory wrong each time. A month ago, I was asked to investigate on how [...]

David and the 7 horrible misconceptio...

David and the 7 horrible misconceptions of Beirut
Maya El Helou’s reply to David J Constable: Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut, Seriously? Did the world just run out of decent titles, or is it now the trend, to demean women in titles as a desperate attempt to attract readers!? For the pas [...]


Farah Alhashim, filmmaker, shares her thoughts: SEX… I think I snapped your attention right out of your eyeballs. And made it mine. Just because I wrote three simple letters… S. E. X. I have no idea what the hell is going on in Beirut and some Arab countries. This continuous obsession into trying to imitate the west and become like the [...]

The aftermath of a rape in Lebanon

The aftermath of a rape in Lebanon
This is a follow up on a previous post: “Let’s talk about rape“. A girl shares her story: “We’ll see what we can do.” This is what the police said when I voiced out the names of the men who raped and beat me. But it was not enough. I had to repeat the story including every single detail a myriad of times in the police stati [...]

My Benihana Experience

My Benihana Experience
In my opinion, the reaction of the restaurant manager following that post was outrageous! My Benihana Experience is a post by Mark. A few days back I posted about Benihana opening up at the Avenues and yesterday night I decided to pass by with Nat and try it out. The service wasn’t too bad for a restaurant that’s just been open for a few day [...]

Ode à une certaine…

Ode à une certaine…
Poème de Marwan A celle qui pénétra dans ma vie Une balle de revolver au coup de minuit. A celle qui dans mon cœur élu foyer Cette antre si vaste au lit si douillet. A celle qui éplucha mes plus solides carapaces Comme un fruit exotique, délicieux et vivace. A celle pour qui mon vaillant et invaincu bouclier Ne fait pas plus d’effet qu’une m [...]