bi clean, an initiative by Bickfaya Municipality to recycle its waste

The Municipality of Bickfaya & Mhaydsse has taken the waste matter in its own hands and created a sorting facility. The Municipality is also spreading educational messages for the population Continue Reading →

Maya and Fadi from Wheels on Fire will change your perception about handicap

This is an invitation to look at handicap differently. There is no handicap; there are different ways only! Thank you for spreading a message of love and hope. On December Continue Reading →

Karim Khneisser releases a 360° HD music video!

Karim Khneisser released a new music video… a 360° HD video and it’s awesome! Check it out!

Bloggers on Billboards!

Bloggers’ face from blogs Ivy Says, NoGarlicNoOnions and Let’s tlk abt movies are on Beirut City Centre billboard ads. Quite a pretty change for once! What was your impression? Photos shared from Lebanese Continue Reading →

Amatoury 114 Maximum Rawa2

After making people guess what came after the word “Maximum” last month, Amatoury 114 recently released new TV coomercials with the “Maximum Rawa2” slogan. What did you think of them? Continue Reading →

Online Freedom of Expression: between the laws, the reality and the Lebanese experience

Press release by MARCH. I wasn’t able to participate in the video but it says what it has to say. The experience is similar. Under the patronage of the Beirut Continue Reading →

Racism in our beloved establishments

An image circulated on Facebook a few days ago depicting a home employee made to sit way too far from the table of the family she works for in a Continue Reading →

The story behind the pie!

The wait is over! The story behind the pie is revealed, it’s all about our hero Ghassan. A 5 year old cancer survivor whose dream was to star in an Continue Reading →

Sin El Fil municipality pressures to shut down the Sunday flee market

This afternoon, quite some action took place in Sin El Fil. The municipality made clear that it wants to shut down the Sunday flee market which happen to be located on Continue Reading →

Because you don’t walk your dog yourself in Lebanon

Because it’s the domestic worker who walks your dog…