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Sin El Fil municipality pressures to ...

Sin El Fil municipality pressures to shut down the Sunday flee market
This afternoon, quite some action took place in Sin El Fil. The municipality made clear that it wants to shut down the Sunday flee market which happen to be located on the way to Beirut. The municipality described the Sunday flee market as a “joke” and a “shame”. How will the municipality of Beirut respond? Apparently, [...]

Because you don’t walk your dog...

Because you don’t walk your dog yourself in Lebanon
Because it’s the domestic worker who walks your dog… Beit El Chaar Municipality, Lebanon

A different perspective of Beirut: Sa...

Here is a different perspective of Beirut as seen by Gabriel Ferneiné. Footage was made from the city’s rooftops that have a view on the port and the music is by Trash Inc. “Sometimes I forget that Beirut is a Port And it kills me to keep forgetting”, he says. Check it out, it’s really nice. SAFINEH from Gab Ferneiné [...]

Customers vs Companies: The Gandour &...

Here we go again, customers purchase products from companies; something goes wrong. No one claims responsibility neither for the incident, neither for their products. Customers are unhappy and BOOM: Clashes. It goes on TV or on social media causing turmoil. This happens ALL the time; worst companies even file lawsuits against customers. Let [...]

The Coolcumbers in 5 questions

The Coolcumbers in 5 questions
The Coolcumbers is an alternative rock band from Beirut. Over the years, they have found their way in the Lebanese rock scene with alternative rock and indie music. This will be the release of their very first album entitled “Time & Youth”. “Time & Youth” is a concept album basically about youth and what we have been through t [...]

My business card made by Joumana Medl...

My business card made by Joumana Medlej
Last year, I won a free business card design with Lebanese designer Joumana Medlej. Here is the result: Thank you!

Civil marriage for Lebanese citizens:...

Civil marriage for Lebanese citizens: DIY or via a travel agency?
While waiting for civil marriage to be fully enacted in Lebanon, the Lebanese are choosing to travel to get a civil marriage abroad. How can one get it done? You can do it yourself or use the services of travel agencies. Feel free to share your experience whether you got it done in a different location or a different way and whether you were [...]

The evolution of women’s eyebro...

The evolution of women’s eyebrows
Women, can someone PLEASE tell me what’s wrong with natural eyebrows? How come we are raised at a very young age to think that we have to keep up with a certain standard as soon as we get out of bed? “I had enough of plucking my eyebrows every week, so I got myself a tattoo… done.” That’s what most said to me while others complained about no [...]

Our own Instabeat at the Internationa...

Our own Instabeat at the International #CES2014
The international #CES2014 started today in Las Vegas, USA. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is “the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies”. I’m impatiently waiting for several of the Awards, namely the “CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards” and the ̶ [...]

Most tragic selfie of 2013 must have ...

most tragic selfie
I am at loss for words. What can one say in front of that scene that keeps repeating itself for years and years? A lady was on her way in a cab to the restaurant where she works at in Beirut Souks, another went ahead of her neighbor with plans, a lot of employees were going about their jobs in the surrounding companies and a group of teenager [...]