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BéBé – Movie Review

BéBé – Movie Review
Here’s a movie I did not think I’d watch. I’m being very honest here. With a name and poster like that, I did not even bother to watch the trailer nor read the plot. And thus the mistake I did was to go in with a ready set of prejudgments I had made. I mean, come on, a movie called BéBé? Whatever. During the first 30 minute [...]

Ghadi – Movie Review

Ghadi – Movie Review
I loved every bit of the movie and would highly recommend it. This Lebanese movie of the year is a must watch. Ghadi is a movie directed by Amin Dory and puts in perspective a lot of Lebanese taboos in a subtle way without being pushy and I believe it is set to win several awards. The story is about a small traditional neighborhood where Leb [...]

Best Documentary: The Lebanese Rocket...

Best Documentary: The Lebanese Rocket Society
In the early 1960′s, a group of students from Haigazian University led by their professor, Manoug Manougian, designed and launched rockets for space exploration. They produced the first rocket of the Arab World. The project had no military character and was aimed at promoting science and research. What was initially a form of advertisi [...]

A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie ...

A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie Review
John McClane is worried about his son Jack. Father and son have not spoken together for a couple of years. John McClane decides to travel to Russia as he gets information that his boy is in trouble. Little did he know that Jack is a CIA operative working on a delicate mission to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist.  As usual, John McClane has a [...]

Under The Same Sun by Mariam Kobras

Under The Same Sun by Mariam Kobras
This book review was published on The Cube. I love the site and would recommend it to book worms :) Book available on Amazon. This is the Book II from the Stone Trilogy and here I am reviewing it exactly one year after I published a review of the first book: A Distant Shore… What a coincidence! The second book focuses on the aftermath [...]

Lincoln – Movie Review

Lincoln – Movie Review
Lincoln is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The story is based in part on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. It’s mainly about the final four months of the 16th President of the United States’s life, focusing on the later’s efforts in January 1865 [...]

The Sessions – Movie Review

The Sessions – Movie Review
The Sessions is a movie based on an article O’Brien wrote tackling his experiences with Greene, “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate”, which was published in The Sun magazine in 1990. O’Brien played by John Hawkes is a journalist and poet who is paralyzed neck down by polio since his childhood. He uses an iron lung in order to [...]

The Distant Shore by Mariam Kobras

The Distant Shore by Mariam Kobras
This book review was posted on The Cube. Book available on Amazon. A famous international rock star receives a letter one day informing him about a teenage son he never new even existed. It doesn’t take him too much time to think what to do. He leaves everything and goes to find his long lost love and meets his son. The family is recom [...]

Tuer le père by Amélie Nothomb

Tuer le père by Amélie Nothomb
This book review was posted on The Cube. Tuer le père When I first read the title, I immediately thought of Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex and wondered how the father will get killed. Nothomb, who lived 3 years in the USA and still visits it, placed the story in the Nevada desert. She used the aspects that touched her the most about the area [...]

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