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Biryt Energy Beer is now in Lebanon

Biryt Energy Beer is now in Lebanon
Made in Holland, Biryt, the energy beer drink, recently launched in Lebanon. Beer + energy drink! With 4.5 % of alcohol, Biryt contains: NO fat NO taurine NO caffeine NO colorants NO food fibers NO cholesterol NO artificial flavors Instead Biryt incorporated the following active ingredients (per 100 ml of serving) : Carbohydrates: 5.42 g [...]

Lindberg: The Danish but special eyew...

Lindberg: The Danish but special eyewear
A while ago I received this invitation: I’ve been wearing glasses as long as I remember and love design, so I thought why not check what Lindberg was about since I was not familiar with the brand yet. So I went to Visique Naccache where I was received by the shop’s optometrists and Mr. Gunter Wätchler, Lindberg’s Africa, In [...]

Touch in-app payment: Turning talking...

Touch in-app payment: Turning talking minutes into real money
In app-app payment is not something new but it was recently enabled in Lebanon by touch. The mobile operator managed by Zain kicked off this new project with Anghami‘s music mobile application. For the time being, the in-app payment option is only available for Android devices. This is definitely an opportunity for developers to moneti [...]

How Lush made me blush

How Lush made me blush
When I first visited Lush at Beirut Souks, I was immediately conquered. I was amazed by the alternative proposition they had to offer: Fresh handmade cosmetics with no preservatives (keep an eye on the expiry date) and that are not tested on animals. The store not only looks good, but also smells good! :) Employees are well informed about th [...]

Congrats! You are an idiot! Pan Arab ...

Congrats! You are an idiot! Pan Arab Web Awards Academy Scam
Let’s say that you are some kind of business and that you have a web page. One day someone tells you about the Pan Arab Web Awards Academy on and you believe that your website has a chance to win. So you decide to register. On the registration page, you get this message: After registering and paying $200, you cross [...]

eTobb: Connecting patients and doctor...

eTobb: Connecting patients and doctors on a Q&A platform
eTobb is a web application that connects patients and doctors on a Q&A platform. Users can ask health questions to top doctors for free and get answers in a short period of time. We all do have questions that we are not comfortable asking face-to-face or not worth waiting hours for in the waiting room nor pay a consultation for some reas [...]

Me time at PureGray Spa

After an exhausting week, there is nothing like a good massage; so I took off to PureGray Health Club & Spa at Le Gray Hotel in Downtown Beirut. I was greeted by two receptionists. One of them showed me around to start getting familiar with the place and I was given a key to a locker and told in advance what I will find inside. I noticed [...]

My first scuba diving experience

DSC05581 [1600x1200]
Water is a precious element that we use for different purposes; one of them is swimming. Both relaxing and fun, swimming has always played a vital role in the activities of the family. But swimming is mostly done at the surface of the water and I never really gave  scuba diving much thought. Like most, I used to hear about accidents that happ [...]

Camping and rock climbing with U Rock...

Camping and rock climbing with U Rock and the Nokia 808 Pureview
This time, I decided to test the Nokia 808 Pureview device in a different setting: I took it with me to a camp and rock climbing event. There is not much to add to the technical reviews that can be found online. It’s a good phone overall; I absolutely love the fact that I can control the camera with a zoom in – zoom out and shutte [...]

Platinum is possible at Toni et Masso...

Platinum is possible at Toni et Massoud
My story with hairdressers goes way back in time. I’ve visited so many of them yet I was never satisfied with most of them. Unfortunately, most hairdressers have a tendency to  over promise and under deliver. I have been wanting to dying my hair platinum for the past year but all the hairdressers I went to, all told me that it was impos [...]

Over 150 books for sale

Fire Along The Sky
Le Seigneur des Anneaux 2 : Les Deux Tours
Le bouchon de cristal
Everyday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now
The Thirty-Nine Steps
La Prochaine Fois
The Full Monty: A Novel
La Barynia
Les Hommes viennent de Mars, les Femmes viennent de Vénus
Le Moine Et Le Philosophe: Le Bouddhisme Aujourd'hui
Bloomsbury: A House of Lions
La gloire de mon père
Le Dernier Soupir Du Maure
The Major Works
The Mosquito Coast
Le prince
Contes de la Bécasse
Another Country

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