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Messages from India

Messages from India
India has a lot to show and a lot to say as well! Besides messages like “No guns allowed”, “No smoking, smoking here is an offense” in all public areas and “Think of those who wait for you” or “Do not pee” on the street, you see things like below: So, which one is your favorite? [...]

What I learned from India

What I learned from India
When I received the invitation to India, I was not sure what to expect. My knowledge about this part of the world was based on information I got from other people who already went there and a few TV documentaries. I did not research and I did not plan like I usually would do before any trip. I just went “with the flow”. I had prec [...]

Few tweets from India

Few tweets from India
Below, a few consolidated tweets about India during my visit from 5 till 15 May, 2011 under the hashtag #rkindia. 2 weeks in India made me lose 4Kgs!! #rkindia I haven’t slept for several days and I still smell like curry! I think I’ll go to sleep for an indefinite number of hours! #rkindia The Indian Duty Free is interesting! #r [...]

Punjabi wedding rituals

Punjabi wedding rituals
Weddings says a lot about one’s culture and Punjabis have a unique way to prepare for the big day. There are a LOT of rituals that are performed in both families of the to-be-wed couple. Every single one of them is done for a purpose and means something. The Roka Ceremony The roka or saith ceremony, is an announcement that the boy and g [...]

Flying to India

Flying to India
There I was: waiting for boarding time while reading an issue from Chasseur D’Images, a French photography magazine. It wasn’t too long before a man sitting next to me engaged conversation: “Are you a make up artist?” The page I was reading was about beauty and fashion photography, so, obviously it caught his eye. R [...]

Gearing up for India

Gearing up for India
As I’m packing and waiting for my cab to come and pick me up, I thought I’d write a little post to let prepare you for the new kind of posts that will be coming up on this blog. I’m leaving for India tonight for a 2 week adventure. The main purpose of the visit is to attend a friend’s wedding. This is will the first un [...]

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