Victoria’s Secret opens in ABC Ashrafieh, Lebanon

It was about time! Victoria’s Secret opened in ABC Ashrafieh. The space is beautiful and inviting. I really liked how the interior is decorated.

Member of the Lebanese Parliament parks in a spot Reserved for Handicapped

That’s Lebanon? This is in ABC Ashrafieh. The driver decided it was OK to threaten the photographer.  No, this is not OK. We all know handicapped people and we all Continue Reading →

OBI Japanese Restaurant – Review

OBI, the sushi restaurant I visited is the one that recently opened on the last floor of ABC Dbayeh. (OBI has also a branch in ABC Ashrafieh) In a relaxed Continue Reading →

How Lush made me blush

When I first visited Lush at Beirut Souks, I was immediately conquered. I was amazed by the alternative proposition they had to offer: Fresh handmade cosmetics with no preservatives (keep Continue Reading →

The official launch of ABC Happy Smoke-Free Environment campaign

ABC’s Chairman, Mr. Fadel Fadel opened the discussion by mentioning the previous ABC campaigns and ABC’s commitment to give back to the community. He spoke about the recent launch of Continue Reading →

Winter: A season forgotten by ABC Ashrafieh

I went to ABC Ashrafieh recently; it was raining. It’s winter; so rain is normal. But when you head to the last floor of the mall, you  may want to Continue Reading →

Food places in Lebanon: Are you serious about your business?

When we look around, it’s obvious that food business works pretty well in Lebanon. New places open every now and then, others close and some remain. Those who remain are Continue Reading →

Support the Lebanese Autism Society

An interesting initiative undertaken this year by ABC : Small with a big heart. Corporate social responsibility at its best! Autism, quite a taboo subject to talk about in Lebanon. In the all Continue Reading →