Bloggers on Billboards!

Bloggers’ face from blogs Ivy Says, NoGarlicNoOnions and Let’s tlk abt movies are on Beirut City Centre billboard ads. Quite a pretty change for once! What was your impression? Photos shared from Lebanese Continue Reading →

The Home City carpet advertisement that made me wonder

I came across Beirut NTC blog post: “Is that a rug in your pocket?” and I remembered a mobile picture I took recently that could be added to the list. Check Continue Reading →

Jammal Trust Bank: We speak your language and know “chou esmo”

Did you notice the ads on the streets where objects are written in 3 different Arabic words? Although some say it was inspired from HSBC, I like idea of putting Continue Reading →

Getting the Syrians out of Lebanon

The ad was found in the Al Hadaf classified ads paper of 30 September 2013. It says the following: “To the Syrian brothers, we provide the immigration applications to all Continue Reading →

Dear Alfa, we can take our own decisions!

Alfa decided that 100 MB is all you need. Is anyone else bothered by companies who take decisions about what we need on our behalf? Although the price is the Continue Reading →

Johnny Farah calls this…advertising

Johnny Farah calls this…advertising. What do you call it? Thanks to @HalaMoubarak for the pic. Update 1: Johnny Farah posted a public apology on He was sent a couple of Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s day with Aishti

This is Aishti’s ad for Valentine. The disposition of lingerie in this particular way is creatively interesting yet prone to multiple interpretations. What do you think?

No Spinneys… No!

I can’t believe this is Spinneys’ advertisement for Valentine. My eyes hurt! I don’t know about you, but at first glance you might think it’s a Nescafé ad (due to Continue Reading →

A “Private Will” that I can’t relate to

You must have seen this advertisement for Private, a brand of feminine hygiene products in the Middle East. Produced by Sanita in Lebanon. When I hear Private and Sanita, an immediate Continue Reading →

Advertising differently in Lebanon: It’s possible!

THANK THANK THANK YOU! We are finally seeing advertisements that capitalize on humor instead of sex and women! 100% made in Lebanon advertisements with Lebanese people we can connect to and identify Continue Reading →