My weather tweet on LBCI’s night bulletin

My weather tweet on LBCI – Thanks @HindKammourieh for pinpointing it 🙂 The tweet was a joke about the bad weather yesterday. “Who said that swimsuit sales would decrease in Continue Reading →

Hail storm in Lebanon

Last night was very difficult. Our agriculture business had to endure a hail storm. These little balls of ice destroy fruits and vegetables! The sample shown below was taken ONE Continue Reading →


After the first dark episode: A storm in Lebanon: Damages on agriculture, comes another one; a darker one. This one is called: Sabotage. Last night, while everyone was sleeping, someone Continue Reading →

A storm in Lebanon: Damages on agriculture

Why import when we can do better? We can do better but the problem is that we do not have any support. The problem is that we work with honesty. Continue Reading →

Tuta Absoluta Invasion

Tuta Absoluta invasion has reached Lebanon. Protecting your fields, greenhouses capital. Tuta Absoluta can damage 100% of harvest in no time! For more info, check: Tuta Absoluta Canadian Food Continue Reading →