Does the concept of society still exist?

This post appeared on on 27 March 2012. When we talk about society – a group of people who share things in common: land, culture, political system and authority – we Continue Reading →

My photos in a Polish article with a mention!

O Miłości i Współistnieniu w Libanie appeared on on 10 April, 2012. W zeszłym roku pewna animatorka kultury wpadła na niecodzienny pomysł. Postanowiła wywieźć do Libanu dwójkę artystów polskich, Continue Reading →

Lebanon: citizens must stand up

This post appeared on on 7 February 2012. When I think about Lebanon, an image of a dot that one needs to search for on a globe comes up; Continue Reading →

Featured on LBC International: The streets – Backstage

LBC International featured my article on 19 January 2012. People from all walks of life meet on the street. More often than not we see kids, old people and mothers holding babies under Continue Reading →

Featured on LBC International: Migrant Workers

LBC International featured my article on 10 January 2012. Dear Migrant Workers in Lebanon, No one leaves home if all was going well. Poverty makes people do all kind of Continue Reading →

Featured on AltCity

 AltCity featured me in an article on its new section! It’s called: Features. Thank you! There are a lot of different ways to change the society around you, and Rita Kamel Continue Reading →

My answer to Ms. Rebecca Saade

Dear Ms. Saade, Many suggested not to reply to your post saying I’d be giving it more importance than it actually deserves. But you are a friend, and you expect Continue Reading →