Victoria’s Secret opens in ABC Ashrafieh, Lebanon

It was about time! Victoria’s Secret opened in ABC Ashrafieh. The space is beautiful and inviting. I really liked how the interior is decorated.

Winter: A season forgotten by ABC Ashrafieh

I went to ABC Ashrafieh recently; it was raining. It’s winter; so rain is normal. But when you head to the last floor of the mall, you  may want to Continue Reading →

My take on the Feast for Change event

I had the honor to attend the Feast For Change event yesterday. Food was remarkable, it was really crowded, music was good. The only thing I’d like to point out Continue Reading →

Food places in Lebanon: Are you serious about your business?

When we look around, it’s obvious that food business works pretty well in Lebanon. New places open every now and then, others close and some remain. Those who remain are Continue Reading →

More street photography in Ashrafieh, Gemmayzeh and downtown Beirut

I revisited the streets of Ashrafieh. People I took photographs of during the Eric John Kim and Thomas Leuthard workshop weekend recognized me and were happy to see me. I Continue Reading →