Fekra Photography is more like Ser2a (Theft) Photography

There is a page called Fekra Photography on Facebook that is literally stealing other photographers’ work and appending a watermark on them. There is nothing sicker than taking credit for Continue Reading →

My photos in Tagged (Issue #2, Fall 2011)

My pictures were used in Tagged magazine Issue #2, Fall 2011. Again, although it was clear in the emails that attribution was the major condition, Tagged failed to tag my Continue Reading →

My photos in Nadine (Issue 1598 – From 5 to 11 September 2011)

I was wandering in Virgin Megastores the other day. I was standing next to a person who was flipping the pages of Nadine when I saw pictures I took published… Continue Reading →

Lebanon Aggregator’s logo, a source of inspiration?

This is utterly sick! Although it looks flattering to see imitations and copies, it’s really sickening to see how far can disrespecting others’ efforts and this looking forward to getting Continue Reading →