Desperate man be like

Seen on Al Hadaf classified ads issued on 13 January 2014.

Lebanese trend for Summer 2013: Wearing tires

If you can’t see it; here’s a closer picture: Yeah, we all need to get work done; but how about trying not put our lives as well as others’ in Continue Reading →

April’s fool

!شو ها الطول، متل قرن الفول

Who wrote your menu?

Those menus have a gift: cut your appetite. In which language is this one? Looks like I’m looking at a multiple split personality case: My Lebanese Frenglish brain got intrigued… Continue Reading →

The worst Lebanese business sign ever

This must be the worst Lebanese business sign I have ever seen on the road. for those who can’t read it, it says: “You will be sorry if you don’t Continue Reading →

What happens when the Lebanese actually “STOP” at the red light?

The best Lebanese sign to sleep on

This is the best Lebanese sign to sleep on: But don’t go fooling around or the problem will go public!

How do you know if your electrical engineer is artistically wired?

The answer is pretty simple; you will find “talent” resting somewhere in his office! Check out this very short video as well: Artistically Wired I keep on hearing about how electrical Continue Reading →

The curse of having a boyfriend/girlfriend

This applies for both men and women. For the sake of writing, I will be describing a woman-man relationship. It can be turned the other way around or whatever 🙂 Continue Reading →

What I will look like after 100 washes!

Who said that meeting strangers was too hard? I bumped into this guy in the movies. I could not resist asking for a picture with him and I asked: “So, Continue Reading →