#CVDisaster 125

“I am a highly motivated person who can’t take No for an answer. The phrase “I don’t know” is out of question. The phrase “I don’t know for the time Continue Reading →

#CVDisaster 124

“I am neither looking for a job nor am I focused on the financial benefits” – What the hell are you applying for then???? #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 123

“I have experience in nurses.” – WHAT? You have experience in WHAT? #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 122

“Hobbies: Increasing Entertainment by Watching Movies.” – Anis Tabet, is that your CV? #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 121

“Ability to shift gears & accelerate my pace as needed.” – I’m not recruiting for the Formula 1. Thank you! #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 120

“Hobbies: Staying healthy by working out.” – Charbel Abou Khattar, is that your CV? #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 119

“Ability to think fast and on my feet” – Were you on your feet when you wrote this? #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 118

“CFO is a complete target in my career (abroad).” – If you completed the target, what are you applying for? I’m confused! #CVDisaster

#CVDisaster 117

“Accountability in big companies would be an honorable position to start with.” – You have to own a few companies and be accountable for them, I’d send you my CV Continue Reading →

#CVDisaster 116

“Responsilbe Registerd nurs” – What happened to auto correct? #CVDisaster