Maya and Fadi from Wheels on Fire will change your perception about handicap

This is an invitation to look at handicap differently. There is no handicap; there are different ways only! Thank you for spreading a message of love and hope. On December Continue Reading →

Annette’s Specialty Dough. Caringly Low Carb

People with diabetes have hard time finding products that suit their condition. In this regards, range of low carbohydrate baked products was developed by doctors under Annette’s – Caringly Low Carb Continue Reading →

BéBé – Movie Review

Here’s a movie I did not think I’d watch. I’m being very honest here. With a name and poster like that, I did not even bother to watch the trailer Continue Reading →

Member of the Lebanese Parliament parks in a spot Reserved for Handicapped

That’s Lebanon? This is in ABC Ashrafieh. The driver decided it was OK to threaten the photographer.  No, this is not OK. We all know handicapped people and we all Continue Reading →

Lebanese student visa to the U.S.A. getting revoked

I speak for myself: Applying for a visa at the American Embassy in Lebanon was one of the most enjoyable experiences for me in comparison to other countries I have Continue Reading →

The worst Lebanese business sign ever

This must be the worst Lebanese business sign I have ever seen on the road. for those who can’t read it, it says: “You will be sorry if you don’t Continue Reading →

Does the concept of society still exist?

This post appeared on on 27 March 2012. When we talk about society – a group of people who share things in common: land, culture, political system and authority – we Continue Reading →

My photos in a Polish article with a mention!

O Miłości i Współistnieniu w Libanie appeared on on 10 April, 2012. W zeszłym roku pewna animatorka kultury wpadła na niecodzienny pomysł. Postanowiła wywieźć do Libanu dwójkę artystów polskich, Continue Reading →

Lebanese quarrel on Mar Mikhael street

Streets in Lebanon are full of surprises. I was hoping to have a quiet walk on Mar Mikhael street… but no. Lebanese do not know quiet. These two men were Continue Reading →

Lebanon: citizens must stand up

This post appeared on on 7 February 2012. When I think about Lebanon, an image of a dot that one needs to search for on a globe comes up; Continue Reading →