What happened between @PoliakovLebanon and @RedBullLeb on Twitter?

This is a snapshot of tweets between @PoliakovLebanon and @RebBullLeb on Twitter yesterday. Is Lebanese social media taking a new turn and getting inspired by the @tescomobile conversation that made to Continue Reading →

My take on the Red Bull SoundClash 2013, Lebanon

Forum de Beyrouth witnessed an interesting event organized by Red Bull on the 23rd of November: SoundClash. Mashrou’ Leila vs Who Killed Bruce Lee. There were several activities outside that kept Continue Reading →

Lebanon Cypher – Red Bull BC ONE

For the first time since 2006, the most prestigious One-on-One B-Boy Championship, the Red Bull BC One, returns to Brazil. This year however, the event will be held in the Continue Reading →

My experience at the Red Bull Music Academy – Bass Camp Beirut 2012

When I got invited to the Red Bull Music Academy – Bass Camp Beirut, I knew it was going to be something big but I did not know what exactly Continue Reading →