Featured on Arabnet 2015

Fellow bloggers and myself were asked to answer this question by Arabnet: How to develop better outreach? Here is my contribution: Correction: Blog’s name is ritakml not Rita Kml

Interview with MTV during Arabnet 2013

I’m video camera shy >.<

Featured in RAGMAG (March 2013)

Editor in Chief of RAGMAG, Fida Chaaban reacted to my position towards the censorship Abir Ghattas went through. [Full post] Legally, was it a case of defamation? Was she committing Continue Reading →

Mentioned in Communicate (March 2013)

The article Congrats! You are an idiot! Pan Arab Web Awards Academy Scam was mentioned in Communicate, Mach 2013, Issue N.33. “As some proud institutions and web portals took it Continue Reading →

My participation in Toom Extra – Book 2

My participation in Toom Extra – Book 2. Serious topic ahead… because it’s worth it.

Featured in the RPN Guide

Have you checked the latest issue of the RPN Guide? Two of my articles are featured inside it! 🙂 Thank you! For more information about the RPN Guide you can: Continue Reading →

Does the concept of society still exist?

This post appeared on Blottr.com on 27 March 2012. When we talk about society – a group of people who share things in common: land, culture, political system and authority – we Continue Reading →

My photo in L’Orient Le Jour

Patineurs passionnés cherchent skate park officiel au Liban  Par Théau MONNET | 08/06/2012 Deux jeunes patineurs lors de l’ouverture du Pop-Up. Photo Rita Kamel Par manque de moyens suffisants, la Continue Reading →

My photos in a Polish article with a mention!

O Miłości i Współistnieniu w Libanie appeared on Kulturaonline.pl on 10 April, 2012. W zeszłym roku pewna animatorka kultury wpadła na niecodzienny pomysł. Postanowiła wywieźć do Libanu dwójkę artystów polskich, Continue Reading →

Lebanon: citizens must stand up

This post appeared on Blottr.com on 7 February 2012. When I think about Lebanon, an image of a dot that one needs to search for on a globe comes up; Continue Reading →