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Congrats! You are an idiot! Pan Arab ...

Congrats! You are an idiot! Pan Arab Web Awards Academy Scam
Let’s say that you are some kind of business and that you have a web page. One day someone tells you about the Pan Arab Web Awards Academy on and you believe that your website has a chance to win. So you decide to register. On the registration page, you get this message: After registering and paying $200, you cross [...]

The Lacoste blog advertising scam

Lacoste Logo
Earlier this month, I received the below e-mail: I replied back inquiring more info to know what this was about. I soon got the below e-mail: The thing is that I never heard of any agency called Gemerro. A quick search over the internet showed something weird: Gemerro Agency’s website talks about a certain “Paris média marketing [...]