Who wrote your menu?

Those menus have a gift: cut your appetite. In which language is this one? Looks like I’m looking at a multiple split personality case: My Lebanese Frenglish brain got intrigued… Continue Reading →

The worst Lebanese business sign ever

This must be the worst Lebanese business sign I have ever seen on the road. for those who can’t read it, it says: “You will be sorry if you don’t Continue Reading →

The best Lebanese sign to sleep on

This is the best Lebanese sign to sleep on: But don’t go fooling around or the problem will go public!

Yalla 3al banadoura!

Yalla 3al banadoura! 1000 lira el banadoura! Yalla 3al batikh! 3al sekkin ya batikh! El kilo bi 250 lira! Yalla 3al beyt! Allah iyred el darbet! PS: This is a Continue Reading →